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  • Gokarna - Bangalore
    D: 09:45 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Kumta - Bangalore
    D: 09:25 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Sirsi - Bangalore
    D: 10:30 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Haveri - Bangalore
    D: 11:50 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Bangalore - Gokarna
    D: 09:30 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Bangalore - Sirsi
    D: 09:30 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Bangalore - Haveri
    D: 09:30 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC
  • Bangalore - Kumta
    D: 09:30 PM - Premium Sleeper, AC

About Us

Indus Bus is a brand that’s owned and operated by Saphire Voyages Pvt Ltd, a recognized leader in the inbound tourism industry in India. Saphire Voyages Pvt Ltd has been raising standards in the ground transportation industry and has established a reputation for top quality customer service and well-maintained buses.Indus Bus is dedicated to providing safe, reliable and professional bus services offering the highest level of comfort and safety. With regular routes from Bangalore to multiple locations in India, we offer the finest service for those who enjoy traveling in style and luxury.Offering a constantly expanding fleet and additional locations and stops, Indus Bus strives to be the first choice for travelers. Our professional staff and fleet of clean, comfortable state-of-the-art modern vehicles with features like at-seat power outlet and climate-controlled vehicles enable us to provide you with the dependable, quality service you deserve.


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We offer safe and luxurious Hotel service

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We offer safe and luxurious Bus service

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We offer safe and luxurious Car service

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We offer All India Parcel/Cargo service

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Almost all our buses are now brand new or refurbished head to toe. (And full of handy features on board.)

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